Adam Devine; Anders Holm; Blake Anderson (from left)In the 2nd episode of Workaholics, titled We Be Ballin’, Blake debuts his Bear Coat. The episode starts at the TelAmeriCorp office where Adam asks Blake and Ders “You guys ready to get weird tonight or what?”. Blake spins in his chair and reveals his amazing Bear Coat while responding “Fur Sure”. Adam responds with “Oooh lookin straight grizzly!” to which Blake replies “Bitch better have my honey!”. Adam gives blake a high five while replying “oooh, bear puns. I like those.”. Ders then expresses his disbelief that Blake spent his entire paycheck on that jacket. Blake corrects Ders and informs him that he spent $345 out of his $350 paycheck on the Bear Coat.

The coat featured prominently throughout the entire episode as Blake wore the coat while seeing Montez’s penis, exposing his own penis to Montez’s son and then to Montez, and in general throughout the entire episode. Blake even blow dries and combs the coat before work. Montez also admired the coat and asked for it in exchange for Clippers tickets, but Blake tells him he’s going to be “bearied” in the coat.

At the end of the episode Marc Summers, whom Blake idolizes due to his love of Double Dare, pulls up alongside the guys in his limo and expresses his admiration for the coat. Marc Summers then asks for the coat and Blake gives it to him and asks him to issue an apology to Montez on his Food Network show Unwrapped. Marc is wearing the coat in a scene from the show at the end of the episode. The coat will most likely not make another appearance on the show since it’s no longer owned by Blake.
And thus the legend of the Bear Coat was born. Fans of the show everywhere took to the internet in search of the Bear Coat so that they too could become owners of their very own Bear Coat. Blake revealed in an interview that the coat was custom made for the show and therefore not commercially available. Blake wore the coat to Comic Con and has done interviews wearing the coat as well, so the real Marc Summers did not in fact retain ownership of the coat.

Comedy Central has finally released officially licensed Workaholics Bear CoatsWorkaholics-Bear-Coat as of December 2012 and the coats are now available!



Better Have my Honey!

Bitch Better Have My Honey - Workaholics

Relaxing Bear Coat


Hanging with my Homies

Hanging out in a Bearcoat workaholics



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